Professional Development- Pathway Reflection

My pathway program of Graduate International Pathway of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering helped me to learn following basic elements to succeed in academic and professional life:

  • Time Management
  • Being Organised
  • Learning through building a bridge between Asian Academic Culture and Western Education Model.
  • Being more confident

During this pathway program I learned all those elements which would be helpful for me in my Masters Program, I learned to write the Literature review in one of my research area of study. I learned different factors while writing my literature review:

  • How to Find the Research Gap (Research Exigence).
  • How to Deal with the Literature Available related to your field of research.
  • How to Synthesize, Analyze and work out with Analogies for Writing Literature Review.

I attended different activities directly and indirectly related to my area of studies. One of those activities was based upon writing the successful research grant proposal.

This activity was purely focused towards my interest in grant writing for their research projects. In the first part of the interactive gathering session, guest speakers on their turn highlighted the significance of skills for successful research grant proposal. It was based upon multiple factors which leads to an effective and successful research grant proposal. My personal interest of attending this event was entirely based upon the fact that I want to pursue my graduation studies with the research work. In majority cases, civil and infrastructure engineering projects require some handsome amount of funding as the procedure followed and instruments used in the research work or methodology are considerably expensive. Research writing for the epistemological purposes follows a different criteria for attaining the funds. One of the guest speaker clearly mentioned the relevance of identification of research problem you are focusing on. It is of extreme importance to know what our research particularly focus and what are the rhetorical elements of our research writing.

As my professional plans are considerably inclined towards the research based upon the social exigency which deals with the implications of the forensic studies in the design of water supply systems. This interactive event clarified the path of successfully writing proposals. It actually provided the framework which can be used to explain the ideas by committing not the mistakes which are in common between the unsuccessful research proposals.

Moreover, last but not the least i learned about Academic Integrity significance and learned all the rules to produce own work and standards in terms of crediting others work.